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 May 14, 2008, Polar bears are now on the threatened species list due to global warming.

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How many polar bears are there?

With the recent new of global warning, and the statements that the polar bear is the first animal to become endangered because of global warming many people are wondering how many polar bears are there?  That is a question that the answer is still being researched.  No one really knows how many polar bears there are because they are hard to count, and at times hard to find.  Researches estimate that there are between 22 000 and 40 000 polar bears in the world.  Close to half of the polar bear population lives in Canada.



Where else to polar bears live?

With majority of the polar bear population living in northern Canada, then where does the rest of the population of polar bears live?  Most polar bears inhabit the Arctic and around the North Pole (not including polar bears that are captive).  The countries that encompass the Arctic include Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark (Greenland) and Alaska (United States).  Polar bears thrive in these Arctic conditions because this is where their food sources are, and their bodies are made to handle the harsh Arctic conditions, even the winter one.  Polar bears spend a great deal of their time in the Arctic Ocean hunting and searching for food.  In the winter months they walk on the ice and look for seals and in the summer months they wait on the shore for them.  Polar bears know how to use the climate and the land conditions to their benefit when hunting for seals.  They will walk on an ice floe (a sheet of floating ice) and look for hole or cracks in the ice.  Since seals have to breathe at some time they wait there for a seal to come up for breath.  There are also other areas of the Arctic Ocean that do not freeze, polynyas, these are also great areas for the polar bear to find its favorite food, seals.

Temperatures in the Arctic

The temperatures that the polar bears have to endure in the winter can range from -40F (-40C) to as cold as -90F (-90C). The summer months can be much warmer for the polar bears with temperatures reaching to 77F (25C). Polar bears have to be able to handle 100 difference in temperature between the seasons.

Polar bear habitat, polar bear description affects of global warming and climate change on the polar bear.

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