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 May 14, 2008, Polar bears are now on the threatened species list due to global warming.

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Polar Bear Links

Bear Planet
Polar Bear with Grizzly Bear, Panda, Kodiak, Big Brown and Black. Bear Planet covers, along with fact and picture, all aspects and attributes for all species of bears. (p04.07)

Explore North
Your complete resource for information about the circumpolar North, from Alaska to Greenland and Siberia, with original articles and photos, and thousands of annotated links. (p.05.07)


Climate Change & Global Warming

Ice Core Paleoclimatology Group
Research is being conducted on drill cores from around the world in an effort to understand past climatic changes.(p.05.07)


Bear Links

Bear Links - Bears Of The World


General Outdoor Links

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Add ambiance and warmth to your own backyard, patio, or garden experience. Our natural gas or propane fire pits and tables combine the warmth of a fire and luxury of furniture creating a warm focal point. Your fire pit or table will become the focal point of your patio. (v.04.07)


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