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 May 14, 2008, Polar bears are now on the threatened species list due to global warming.

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Global Warming Could Kill the Polar Bear

Climate change, global warming, weather trends.  Is there really a chance that the polar bears can become extinct in about 50 years.  Skeptics to global warming and climate change state that it is a natural cycle that the earth is going through.   There are natural warming trends, and cooling trends and we are in a cycle of warming.  Well that is correct, to an extent.  There are warming trends on the earth, but not like we have seen in the past few decades. 

Scientists who have been working in the polar and arctic regions have taken ice core samples from deep within the snow and ice that cover the northern pole.  They have made alarming discoveries.  The C02 (carbon dioxide) levels have never before, over the last ten thousand years has reached 300 parts per million (ppm).  However, within the last few decades the carbon dioxide level has not only reached 300 ppm, but also has surpassed it greatly.  What does that mean?  It means that the earth now has more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The earth’s atmosphere is now getting thicker, and not allowing as much heat from the sun to go back into space.  The green house gasses, CO2, is holding this heat back, raising the temperature of the earth.  You may be thinking, well that is O.K.  I like it warm.  However, if this trend continues, then in about 50 years the earth will be so warm, that the Polar Regions, the regions that the polar bears depend on for survival, will no longer exist.  They will have little ice and little snow.  Since the polar bears depend on this very specific habitat, they will no longer be able to exist in the wild.  The only place where they may exist would be in zoos.  

Climate change is effecting the polar bears already.  They have to stay on shore more, because the ice forms later in the year and lasts for fewer months.  Polar bears need the ice to live.  They hunt seals from the ice floes and with less time on the ice. The  less time they have to eat. Polar bears do not hibernate.  They have to have enough fat storage build up throughout the winter to last them throughout the spring, summer, and parts of fall.  So to answer the question, is global warming killing the polar bears?  Yes, and we have to begin acting now to help with their survival.



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